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We have gathered the top questions we get from our customers regarding countertops and countertop installation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, stone countertops and surfaces are known for their easy-to-maintain and beautiful characteristics.

The major difference between marble and granite is that marble has porous properties. This makes it ideal for things like fireplaces, showers, and bathroom vanities. We do not recommend marble for kitchen applications.

On the other hand, granite is formed deep in the earth at extremely high temperatures. This makes it very hard, thanks to the crystalized minerals. Our team will gladly help you determine which stone is right for your needs. Give us a call today!

We determine this on a case-by-case basis. Depending on your intentions, quartz can be the right choice. It comes in a range of patterns and colors not found with natural stone, and it is highly durable. 

Quartz can be damaged by rapid changes in temperature, especially heat. It is important not to set hot items like pots and pans directly on a quartz countertop. That being said, quartz is well-regarded for its durability. And at Legendary Stone, we offer a variety of quartz options to help you elevate your space.

Typically, granite will be cheaper than marble. This is especially true of higher-end marble, which will be less porous. Overall, we want to do right by our customers. So we do not push our most expensive products just for the sake of it. 

We will listen to your needs and expectations to recommend the best stone for your project.

The answer to this varies from project to project. The amount of stone needed is a significant factor, but there are other variables, too. For this reason, we prefer to meet with you in order to get a better understanding of your needs. You can visit our showroom with your measurements, or you can give us a call!

While you can cut on a granite countertop without damaging it, doing so is not good for your knives. Granite is much harder than the blade, which will cause it to dull. It is always a good idea to use a clean cutting board instead.

At Legendary Stone, we are committed to Independence and Kansas City area residents. Whether it be a commercial job or residential, we will go above and beyond for you. 

We also use the latest technology to ensure the job is done properly. We are one of the few stores that utilize a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine in our process. We strive to get in and out of your home as efficiently as possible.

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